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Explore the light, darkness, and gray of Star Wars: the story of Battlefront II and how it connects with the movie

Star Wars Battlefront II is a hot topic due to its controversial loot box, EA’s greed, and DICE’s suspicious design. But in all, the story has been largely overlooked. This is surprising because the larger Star Wars story contains some important information. So, with Spoiler’s warning in mind, a little to find out the story of the Battlefront II campaign, what’s right, what’s wrong, and everything along the way, before a complete review of the game. I wanted to take some time.


Introduced by Iden Versio, commander of the Inferno Squad, a special forces of the Empire that has been active since the last Jedi, things started powerfully, from the end of the first trilogy to the awakening of the Force. You can get a glimpse of the time. We introduced him to Aiden because she was captured by the rebels and allowed them to infiltrate their ship and be captured to destroy the Empire’s plans. Her introduction to steal and blow up her ship before shooting through the airlock and evacuating to be picked up by the Inferno Squad’s ship portrays her as the Badas leader of the Badas Squad.

That’s great because you rarely see an imperial perspective in the Star Wars galaxy. Aiden, along with Dell and the disgusting Husk, is not portrayed as evil, but as a soldier fighting for what they believe to be by their side, good, like the rebels. of. The Inferno Squad witnesses the destruction of the Death Star and the immense death it should have caused, mourning both the lost life and the loss of such a huge and important business.

However, as expected, Battlefront II chooses to follow the standard route of Aiden and Dell dropping out into the rebels. That’s where the problem begins. Well, switching the side to a good man has already been seen by us, but the concept is still a gradual process of Aiden and Dell, leaving enough space to see and play things from an imperial point of view. Disillusionment, their empire abandonment, participation in the rebellion, and gradual integration into the rebel army. With the exception of Battlefront II, I refuse to spend the time needed to do these things correctly.

It’s unlikely you started before Aiden and Dell were suddenly upset by the actions of the Empire and decided to stop dodging hell. Given that they are both members of the Empire’s Special Forces and therefore perhaps fairly stubborn loyalists, they have never seen the Empire do some dangerous crap before. It’s hard to imagine that, and in fact the army was probably part of it given their role. The Empire’s decision to terrorize basically innocent people to regain control similarity is a horrifying move and certainly acts as a catalyst for Aiden and Dell’s decision to abandon the Empire and their former friends. You may have done it, but you need it. We know very little about Aiden and Dell. Little was seen in their lives and relationships within the empire, and suddenly they abandoned it. The two fought for the empire for the rest of their lives, but the moment they choose to keep everything they knew, they come across as hollow and emotionless.

Now imagine that this was given more time to breathe. Not only can you see Aiden and her troops in action, but you can also learn about their friends and everyday life in the empire. Not only will this provide interesting insights into the empire itself, but it will also make the crucial decision that Iden and Del leave to be much more meaningful. After all, it’s not easy to turn your back on the very definition of your life.

It’s also an opportunity to build the personality of Aiden, who has come across anxiously like Rogue One’s Jyn Erso. This means that there is little true definition of who she is. The truth is, desperately trying to appease certain demographics by having a “strong” female protagonist who has completely forgotten to be a real person with strengths, flaws, desires, hatred, and motivation. Her own is said to feel like a victim of a striving writing team.

Dell feels he needs a little more time as her own asylum is given more meaning by her apparent love for Aiden and her face-to-face encounter with Luke Skywalker. A little more favorable for another sequence. Dell, trapped when he met Skywalker, then asked Luke why he helped him and offered such an interesting moment, while Luke gave him a choice while other soldiers gave him a choice. He replied that he chose the path because he gave no choice but to fight. Later, when Dell gave back when Luke demanded to keep the compass calmly and asked why he allowed Luke to hold the relic, he was tasked with destroying Luke. I will. It’s a strong moment for Dell, at least in the case of Luke, his beliefs shook as it turned out that what he said about the Jedi was completely wrong, and his world could be used by the emperor. There is a connection between the Force and the Jedi and something dark.

In contrast, Aiden never gets a moment like this. She never gets the moment when she realizes that things aren’t what she looks like.

Hask follows the same fate. As part of the Inferno Squad, we basically know nothing about him, and no friendship or even respect has been established between him, Aiden and Dell, which makes his role as a villain weightless. Let me. When Aiden and Dell decided to abandon Empire Husk, it remained loyal, and it was a great opportunity to further enhance the character of everyone, as the once solid team was torn apart by their beliefs. It should have been. For Husk, he felt betrayed by his squad and didn’t try to stop them before it got cold towards them, so it might have been a moment of sympathy to finally hunt them down. .. Instead, what you get from Hask is a common douche bag that simply brands the traitor and tries to kill you on the spot. The moment of potential glorious conflict is wasted.

Even after Aiden and Dell left the empire, the game’s four-hour campaign remains a problem. In a whirlwind, they suddenly help the rebellion before time advances months. There, both Aiden and Dell, who have very friendly relationships with Princess Leia, Han Solo, etc., are fully trusted and valuable members of the rebellion. The emotional punches of the Inferno Squad never leave anything they know, including friends and family, or actively kill the people they once served with. You can’t even see them integrated into the rebellion. Instead, they are immediately tolerated the enormous amount of damage they have personally inflicted on the rebellion before they are thrown directly into a critical mission. Probably only the best character in the game, Scriv, shows some distrust, but he soon becomes a member of the team and his friends.

Again, time is the biggest issue in the game. In such a short campaign, it’s even more crazy for developers to give us a mission to control Han Solo, Leia, and even Land, rather than focusing on their work. It’s an obvious attempt at fan service that I’m not against, but for these missions to work, the campaign must be at least twice as long. That way, the stories of Iden, Del and Hask are breathtaking and at the same time want to have a cool time with classic characters. Instead, put a shoehorn on the segment at the expense of the story.

This is strange because Battlefront II actually contains some plot points from Force Awakening. Of course, we have a mysterious compass that Luke claims for himself. It is very likely that it was the one he used to find the last Jedi Temple. More importantly, the story needs to be reminded, but the end of the game strongly suggests that Iden and Del are Rey’s parents. When Aiden and Dell share their first kiss in Jakku, Kylo Ren has a much older Dell before trying to destroy it mentally, as the planet Ray is on at the very beginning of the Force’s awakening. Besides hunting him down, he suddenly jumps decades ahead to discover the location of the map leading to the last known location of Luke Skywalker. This scene not only explains why Cairo arrives in Jakku at the beginning of the Force’s awakening, but can also see Husk killing Dell. At this last moment, you’ll get some obvious DLC settings, but Dell begs Husk to leave them. Daughter (of him and Aiden). The child is both Dell and Aiden, and it is not specifically mentioned that she is actually Ray, but how to carefully avoid the child’s name, Kylo Ren’s presence, timing, and Dell’s Luke. All links to Skywalker are Rei’s parents, the Inferno Squad.

Ray’s mysterious parent-child relationship argues whether Force Awakening is the presence of her parents, a major character in folklore such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, or is it really just a red herring. It was a pretty big moment and it wasn’t a problem in the end, as it became a big topic after being shown with the fans. After all, Disney probably wants to give interesting parents while avoiding the predictable route that Ray is yet another Skywalker or something like that, so it seems a bit in the middle. By choosing to flesh out her heritage in the game, Disney can have the best of both worlds. You don’t have to devote part of the movie to demonstrating Inferno’s achievements, but instead it can be briefly explained, providing additional context for Ray to fans playing Battlefront II. Of course, the downside is that what feels like a pretty big plot element in a new movie can make many fans feel like it’s on the sidelines, because they play the game to meet everything. I have to pay for it.

Resolving this plot point in the game is certainly a weird decision, but the entire Battlefront II campaign is a pretty weird decision. Became part of the Star Wars canon, introducing a completely original character, filling part of the timeline between the final Jedi and Force Awakening, playing as a symbolic character, and somehow about 4 I want to do everything in time. If something deserves a nice long campaign, it’s Star Wars. Especially if you intend to make it canonical with new characters and events that affect a new movie.

But not all are unexploded. Like the rest of the game, the value of production is excellent both in terms of level of detail and in cutscenes, including beautifully rendered faces, animations, and environments. It looks, sounds, and feels like Star Wars, and fans can’t help but thank them for filling a part of the universe, such as watching the previously hinted battle of Jakku in the Force. I wake up. And while Aiden may lack personality, her voice actor, like everyone else, does a great job with what they have.

Ultimately, there are far more grand plans throughout the campaign, and more time to explore these potentially great characters, their entire life abandonment in favor of the rebellion, and their relationship with Husk. I feel like I should have been given.

But that’s not what we have, it’s possible. After all, the story of Battlefront II not only fascinates me as a Star Wars fan, but also disappoints how it’s handled. There are many mistakes, but the biggest problem is yet another half-hearted result of the direct results of DICE and EA trying to mitigate criticism that there was no single player at the battlefront last year. Victim of the campaign. So there’s a short-level campaign that uses multiplayer assets, and sitting in it comes from people who really wanted to tell the compelling Star Wars story added to the universe, but were forced. It’s a story like that. Pack into a campaign of just 4 hours.

Still, if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast, it’s definitely worth visiting YouTube to see the cutscenes.

The Inferno Squad is more suitable.


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