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Weekend Whammy: Hades, Sony, Movies

The first agenda of the week is news about site maintenance. I usually put a donation box at the bottom of the page, but this week it’s at the top. I know, I know. I don’t want to come across like the original clinging. The reason for this is that the site’s annual running cost will add up to just under £ 300 in the coming weeks. It’s not a lot of cash in a grand plan, but as most people already know that I’m not working because of cystic fibrosis, I am occasionally for-profit outside the sponsored post We do not operate this site. So if you can afford to put in a few coins to continue WGB, I would be very grateful. If you can’t afford to do that, I fully understand. Maybe you are thinking of sacrificing your family on my behalf? I don’t judge.

I wanted to share this week’s favorite game story from Larian Studios, who recently released Baldur’s Gate 3 in Early Access. Before publishing the details of the third fix, I enjoyed the player base and posted this image and said: “Before modifying, share what you created (this is your responsibility). Your choice in character creation. We have adopted and reproduced the most popular choices in character creation. I thought the analysis system wasn’t working. I’ve confirmed. That’s right. “

“Congratulations. I’ve basically created the default Vault Dweller. What a hell. We gave you devil’s eyes, horns, and even a tail. I’m disappointed. I’m crazy about this. I worked hard! “

I love this. I love that it took a while for them to lament that most people put all these cool things into their character creators just to ignore it. It’s also the case when most people are making something that reflects themselves, indicating that the average player is a white man with a deeply carved chin, or most people Are you struggling to create a detailed character? I spend hours on character creators to make myself or make some kind of wal, but most of my friends choose off-the-shelf ones, make some changes, and they leave.

Speaking of Larian, I also politely asked if I could get the GTX 3080. It’s all sold out and I want to see if the GTX 3080 can be used properly in the game. Vividness. I hope they get it.

Anyway, this week I’m playing Absolute Hell from Hades. With Samuel L. Jackson’s shiny bald head, Hades is amazing! Why did I wait so long to play it? I’m about 30 hours now, but I still have to run it once and then one after another. It’s … it’s … a tough * horrifying orgasm noise *. This is a candidate for the Game of the Year, but given the November release schedule, there is fierce competition.

I’m still finding new things, building character relationships, and finding cool boon combinations. Watch out for my review, it will come soon, and perhaps thousands of erupting words will be covered in drool. But for now, I only know that I worship Hades, its tremendous amount of dialogue, its beautiful game feel and its gorgeous graphics. This is easily one of the best roguelike games ever created, and I’m sure it’s probably the best of all of them, for some people, including myself. I will.

For future plans, I’ll be doing Ghostrunner and probably The Survivalists. Ghostrunner looks like a first-person parkour action game, like a combination of Dishonored and Mirror ’s Edge. The Survivalists, on the other hand, is a top-down survival game from the same people who did The Escapists.

Apart from that, depression and mood swings were lightly showered in the late weeks, so I’ve read and caught up with several movies, including Baby Sitter: Killer Queen. I love Netflix’s original babysitter. A horror comedy about Cole. A kid who discovers that his super-awesome, super-sexy babysitter has signed a contract with the devil and needs his blood. It’s all unique tones, ridiculously cheerful. There are some really hilarious sequences (Max is the highlight) and the movie has a lot of heart. The sequel managed to include a short dance number, a cutaway gag, a crazy death, a health bar, a real Hadoken, and just … just a weirdness, a man, and doubled by crazy bat shit. I will. Some of me think it’s overkill for randomness, but another part of me enjoys how much fun it is. Oddly, it reminds me of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but the crazy style is inconsistent and can feel sloppy when compared. Still, both The Babysitter and The Babysitter: Killer Queen are worth a look on Netflix if you like a little silly, brutal comedy like me.

Netflix also includes a documentary detailing the insane events surrounding Russian mobs, Cuban spies, and smooth wheel speakers trying to market a Russian nuclear submarine to a Colombian drug cartel. There is Operation Odessa. It’s a true story, and the documentary contains an incredible interview with the guys who tried to pull it off.

I was thinking of trying Genshin Impact. It’s a free game that, at least for many, actually seems to dominate the world by being pretty good. In just a few weeks, we’ve already made about $ 100 million in revenue. From what I’ve heard, there’s a bit of the atmosphere of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Have you played? If so, do you think it’s worth the dive, or is it a time sink that sucks up all my money and makes me cry like a bitch?

On the game news side, Sony had a problem when PS4 users began to receive messages indicating that voice chat could be recorded. This is clearly a new feature on the PS5, which allows you to send and moderate clips from voice chat. But what caught my eye more than the possibility of recording a chat for moderation was Sony’s clear statement in the new Terms of Service: Payment to you. “

They then further state that “you agree that a third party will record, use and distribute your information to you for any reason without limitation or compensation.”

This is a strangely broad legal statement that gives Sony and other parties a lot of control over your information and allows them to govern it as they please. After that, Sony followed up on the official blog and tried to justify the action. “Managing online security is an important part of ensuring that. We believe it is important for gamers to be able to report abuse and harassment on the PlayStation Network quickly and accurately. As part of this initiative, we are preparing to roll out a new feature on the PS5 console that will allow gamers to report verbal harassment via the new Voice Chat Reporting feature. Its sole purpose is to deploy the Community Code of Conduct. To assist in reporting inappropriate behavior, including behavior that violates the. This feature does not actively monitor or listen to conversations and is strictly intended to report abuse or harassment online. Please note that it is reserved for “”

The way this works is that the PS5 user can send a 40 second audio clip with the report and the clip will be retrieved from the last 5 minutes of the audio communication. In other words, the PS5 will continuously record the voice communication you create in case you want to use it. Sony has confirmed that it cannot opt ​​out of this.

The problem is that what Sony says on their blog and what Sony says on their new terms and conditions feels in conflict. They raise their hands and tell us that it is purely for our safety and we do not actively monitor or listen to it, but it is accurate if they and a third party desire. We also use legitimate words that allow us to do so. Use your user information as you like (Sony defines it as including login details, text communication, voice communication, shopping habits, etc.). For example, a third party can record your voice chat and use it to create ads on your TV, but there’s nothing you can do.

I’m also worried that Sony has changed its code of conduct. As a result, Sony reserves the right to ban you if words that may be considered offensive or rude become more ambiguous and violate the Code of Conduct. The language used is ambiguous enough that, under Section 5.3 of the Code of Conduct, it may be banned and inaccessible to the entire game library in order to despise someone’s ability to play the game. In other words, the code of conduct is ambiguous enough that if Sony chooses to do so, it can crush the garbage story.

Check out Hoeg Law on Youtube for more information. The law also provides a quick and amended version of the more meaningful Terms of Service.

But the good news from Sony is that I got a disassembled video that rips the PS5 and shows me the internals of the electricity, and finally (finally!) Another video that gives me a glimpse of the console UI. Want to see the size of that sexy beast’s coolant! ?? Console makers usually downplay cooling, but Sony has put in extra cash on the PS5, such as using flashy liquid metal instead of thermal paste. We hope the PS5 will be beautiful and quiet, but the actual testing will be years after the new game pushes the hardware to the limit. Look at the PS4. Sounds fine at first, but in the new game it sounds like a dilapidated jet trying to reach the sound barrier.

U.I. Looks very nice. There are some features that I find not very useful, such as activity cards. This is mainly because developers have to support themselves and are not sure that companies other than Sony’s first-party studios will be happy to deploy it. But I liked how sophisticated the whole interface was, especially that the store was built-in rather than a separate application. Shopping at both the PS4 and Xbox One stores was really slow, so it was really slow, but the slowness of the PS4 is the worst in the long run. I think this is a benefit for everyone. Players can get a better experience and, as a result, may be forced to drop in at the store on a whim. Browsing randomly is too slow and awkward, so it’s unlikely that you’ll jump into the PS Store without knowing exactly what you’re looking for.

I also love using picture-in-picture to view game guides and watch the gameplay of my friends. If I had friends, I could imagine pasting their game in the corner of the screen and checking what they were doing.

In the end, you won’t notice a good U.I., right? We only need to pay attention when we first get it and say “well, it’s smooth” and then never think about it again.

But my top priority is where to put this bloody thing. Seriously, the PS5 is huuuuuuuuuuuuge. If you look at it, I don’t think it will actually fit in the TV stand, so I think you’ll have to buy a whole new stand or build a wobbling tower of books and boxes to sit on. To be honest, are you really even an adult if you don’t have something that’s unstable and balanced with others?

On the other hand, in other bad news, 2Khas introduced a non-skippable addition to the NBA 2k21 a month after the game started. Basically, the game displays video ads during the loading screen. When the game finishes loading, you still have to wait for the ads to finish. This is a low behavior even for things like 2K, and is exacerbated by the fact that we were waiting for the first review to be posted before adding the ad. It’s Dick’s move.


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